Walket was basically created to serve as a meeting point for both desired customers and desired product sellers or service providers. It is of Walket‘s greatest desire to meet the needs of people looking for a service, product or customers to an extent to which they can be satisfied. We are of huge benefit to both parties and they are listed below.


Walket gives you the advantage over other sellers or service providers by giving a platform for advertisement. Think about it, when you advertise your product, you get in reach with only those people on your various social media platforms and sometimes you tell you friends to advertise for you on theirs. But at the end of the day it’s limited not to talk of the fact that your desired customers might be too busy to view your post at that moment. Walket allows you to get in touch with who ever wants to also get in touch with you. Walket reduces the stress of advertising to a large group that might not be interested. All a customer needs to do is to search for your product and your post is seen. Walket is not an online mall where anyone needs to pay you online all Walket does is to start a hopefully successful relationship between you as the seller or service provider and a customer and you can carry on from there. Also satisfied customers can leave comments about your product which can attract others to buy or want to know more about your product or service. Note that comments last as long as the post lasts.


Walket provides you with the comfort of searching for a product or service just by clicking on search and typing your desired product or service. You can get to know about the product or service you need by just searching instead of asking many people before finding who knows. Other satisfied customers can leave comments which can let you know how well you can be satisfied too.
Walket is not an online mall so payments are not made through the sites. All Walket does is to introduce you to your desired service and product provider and start a hopefully successful relationship. NOTE that introducing you to your desired seller or service provider is where the service of Walket ends. All Walket can do after that is hope for a successful relationship.

Walket hopes you understand what this site is about. For now the service is limited to those in Ukraine. Thanks for your understanding and Walket wishes you a happy business relationship.